So about this Yoga thing…Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and is one of six main philosophies within Hinduism.  In the West most people associate Yoga with Hatha Yoga, the practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (controlled breathing).  It is an exquisite art designed to quiet the mind, tone the body, and take the practitioner away from dis-ease, both mentally and physically.  Through it we learn to connect with the senses, and the body, and thus the mind.

In my classes I teach every category of asana; standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, restoratives, and inversions.  Typically only one or two categories of asana will be explored per class.  Yoga is NOT a sport and thus is non-competitive.  You can practice Yoga at any stage of life and in any state of health under the guidance of a qualified Yoga instructor.  Personally, I feel the greatest benefit of Hatha Yoga is simply feeling embodied. It is an opportunity to enjoy your body, to look into it, and to accept it.  Modern life often causes a constant state of anxiety, leaving us fearful and bound up in our bodies and emotions.  Yoga helps to unravel these stressors and replace them with joy and a sense of spaciousness.



Living is an art. Yoga enhances the quality of one's life. Hence it is an art. It lifts up one's thoughts and enables one to face life's difficult situations happily and with equanimity; it teaches one to strive to achieve a goal in life; to cultivate friendliness, concentration, piety, contentment, joy, and to discard what is non-essential; to cultivate good habits and to lead a righteous life. Yoga is disciplined action to achieve and attain final emancipation.
-Geeta Iyengar