As a Southern native, I was first introduced to Yoga as a teenager while living in Asheville, North Carolina. I immediately fell in love with the practice and have prioritized my own daily practice for over a decade with diligence and perseverance.  I am a student of Iyengar Yoga, a method that has taught me patience, technique, and creativity.  In 2013 I graduated from The Yoga Room’s two-year, 500 hour, teacher training program under the exquisite guidance of Mary Lou Weprin and Donald Moyer in Berkeley, California and in 2016 I became certified as an Elise Browning Miller Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Trainer.  At present, I continue to study with Mary Lou Weprin and other senior Iyengar teachers.  In my teaching, I seek to find the intricacies within every asana. From an unfamiliar view, the most elementary posture has the ability to transform your mind.  I strive to create a practice that is accessible to all bodies, which I achieve through refined instruction, partner work, artful sequencing, and the use of props.  Everyone in a body can experience the joy that is Yoga.  I teach beginners, individuals dealing with injuries, and students who are interested in more dynamic approaches as well.